Noosa Weather & Climate information

Noosa's weather is an almost perfect holiday climate. Warm sunny days and water temperatures are normal for the majority of the year, making Noosa the ideal beach holiday location.

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Current Weather & 5 Day Forecast

Monthly Averages

Noosa's year-round sunny weather makes Noosa the perfect holiday destination in any season. Enjoy hot tropical summers and lovely warm 'winters' in one of the Sunshine Coast's most beloved spots. Noosa's extended forecast is for fun, regardless of the weather!

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max Temps °C 27.4 27.3 26.4 24.6 22.1 19.9 19.3 20.4 22.3 24.2 25.7 27.0
Mean Rainfall mm 172.8 173.2 176.9 140.7 150.9 123.4 92.4 62.8 52.9 73.9 91.2 136.1

Winter in Noosa (June-Aug)

The coldest month in Noosa is July where the average daily maximum is 20.9 °C and the minimum 10.2 °C. However the skies are generally cloud free and crystal clear during the winter season and perfect for warming yourself in the sun.

Spring in Noosa (Sep-Nov)

The perfect time to visit Noosa if your after sunshine with the minimum chance of rain. Again the skies are generally cloud free and this season has the lowest average rainfall. Perfect weather to holiday at Noosa's famous beachside resorts and apartment style accommodation.

Summer in Noosa (Dec-Feb)

The hottest weather in Noosa is January with an average daily maximum of 28.8 °C and a minimum of 21.3°C.
The wettest period is January to March when the humidity causes intermittent summer showers.
Humidity peaks on autumn mornings at around 74 per cent and on late summer afternoons at around 66 per cent.

Autumn in Noosa (Mar-May)

Average temperatures in Noosa stay warm (in the 20's) right up to the onset of Winter. Rainfall is sporadic during this period however the weather is still warm enough to swim and enjoy Noosa's famous beach.